Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

Would you like to restore your kitchen to like new condition in just one day?

An excellent way to rejuvenate worn out cabinets is by a thorough cleaning and restoration. Restoration is easier, faster, and much less expensive than a full renovation.

Restoration can rejuvenate your kitchen cabinetry and return it to like new condition within the space of an afternoon.

In just one working day or less, your restoration can be completed and is guaranteed to look as good as the day your cabinets were installed, if not better, by simply retouching the existing finish and by adding a new protective coating.

Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

Genuine Wood Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

Not many homeowners realize that kitchen cabinets made from genuine wood tend to collect more grime, grease, and dust than just about any other type of household amenities.

More often than not, a good and thorough cleaning is all you need.

Over time, however, kitchen cabinets will become scratched, discolored, and worn. When this happens, grease and grime easily work their ways into the wood, and once there- they attract mold and mildew.

Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

This is a condition that can ruin the appearance of your cabinets, and if left untreated- the damage can become irreparable. But if done before this process is too advanced, a restoration can stop the breakdown of your cabinets.

Instead of spending huge amounts of money and a great deal of time for a full kitchen renovation, consider the more cost effective method of cabinet restoration which will completely change the appearance of your kitchen.

Chicago’s Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Company

Wood Finishing Chicago’s cabinet refinishing process is a proven, and easy way to have your kitchen’s face completely made over without the trouble of expensive remodeling and the hassle of reinstalling a new kitchen.

Let Wood Finishing Chicago make your kitchen new again in the most cost effective way.

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