Chicago Floor Refinishing

Wood floors can lose their shine over time, particularly in high traffic areas, or in homes with active children.

Chicago Floor RefinishingWood floors can also become damaged due to exposure to UV rays.

If your flooring has been exposed to water due to flooding, for instance, it may become warped. Many homeowners believe that once a floor has been damaged, the only solution is to have it ripped out and replaced.

However, this is not necessarily the best way to proceed in the event that your wood floor becomes damaged. Having the floor professionally refinished is all that’s needed to restore the previous natural beauty of the flooring.

Hardwood is an extremely durable material that can last for decades as long as its properly cared for. However, it can take a bit of abuse and still be restored, so don’t give up on your hardwood floor until you’ve discussed the situation with a professional.

What Our Chicago Floor Refinishing Entails

Refinishing a hardwood floor involves sanding its surface thoroughly until it is smooth and defect-free.

Chicago Floor RefinishingYou can then select a new shade of refinishing material for an updated appearance or simply choose a clear refinish for a natural look.

We’ve been in the business for three generations, and there isn’t a hardwood situation that we haven’t dealt with.

As a family owned and operated company, we treat each customer as a member of our extended family.

We also take pride in quick turnaround times on Chicago floor refinishing without sacrificing quality, which minimizes the overall disruption in the households of our clients.

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